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As pet owners we have so many questions about our pet’s health and care, and sometimes it is hard to know where to turn for help. Although using “Dr. Google” can be tempting, it can lead you to unnecessary worry or misinformation.
If you have a concern about your pets’ health then we would always recommend that you call us for specific advice. There are plenty of people that run to the Vets every time something comes up, and we certainly understand. After all, many of us treat our pets like our children.
However, for those minor issues or questions that you have, we at Dexter Animal Clinic plan to periodically post questions and answers that hopefully will prove interesting and helpful in your day to day pet care efforts. Enjoy!
Dr. Anna Calderon BVM&S MRCVS
1) Is there a holistic approach to treating/preventing “fatty tumors”(usually benign) in dogs?
Lipomas are masses formed of adipose (fat) tissue, found very commonly in middle-aged to older dogs. They are usually benign (meaning they do not spread elsewhere in the body) and so we often only advise surgical removal if they are likely to become particularly large or affect the dog’s movement. They can be diagnosed by a simple needle-sample when you visit the practice.
The major factor in the development of lipomas is body mass – i.e. lipomas are much more common in overweight dogs. Switching to a lower-fat diet, and generally trying to keep your dog fit and lean, may help. We can help you along the way with tips, diet suggestions and regular weight monitoring.
You may have heard about other therapies, including herbal remedies and homeopathy, however there is much debate as to how effective they are – if interested you would need to consult a qualified veterinarian who specializes in alternative medicine.

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