What is That Gunk in My Dog’s Ears?

My dog is rubbing and scratching at his/her ears. I take a look and find this reddish brown gunk in the ear canal. What is that gunk? What should I do about it?

Is it a yeast infection? A Fungal infection? Bacterial infections? Could it be ear mites?

Ear mites often occur in puppies before they build up immunities but are more often found in cat’s ears.

Yeast infections are often caused by allergies most often food allergies.  A change in dog food can often clear this up.
Fungal and bacterial infections can be caused by anything from poor grooming to too much swimming. Or more correctly, not drying your dog’s ears after swimming.

It’s possible your dog will need medication to clear that ear problem.  In which case we will need to CAREFULLY clean all that “gunk” out before applying medication.  If we don’t, the medication is likely to sit on top of the gunk and not be effective.

If you were constantly rubbing and scratching at your ears, and if you were regularly finding gunk in your ears, you would go to your doctor and take care of it.

The next time you see your dog rubbing his ears on the carpet, scratching at his ears, or shaking his head vigorously trying to get rid of the itch, please bring them in and let’s get to the bottom of the gunk or problem.

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