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contactusAt Dexter Animal Clinic, we believe in having a strong bond with both our clients and our patients. Our veterinary staff treats everyone with respect and dignity. Our goal is to provide your pet with the best medical attention with as much care and as little stress as possible.

Dexter Animal Clinic (Michigan)

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Our veterinarians and assistants offer animal care with heart in a peaceful country setting in Dexter, Michigan.  We offer a full service veterinary clinic for small mammals, and dog and cat boarding. Serving pets and their families in Dexter, Pinckney, Chelsea, Stockbridge, Ann Arbor, Howell, Brighton and the surrounding areas. [Click here for location, hours and contact information]



At Dexter Animal Clinic, we enjoy dogs, cats, pocket pets, and exotic species including reptiles and birds.

Dexter Animal Clinic has been part of this community since 1971 when Dr. Steve Hastings started his practice. In 1977, he began work on the current clinic and actually built it himself along with friends and family members. Dr. Hastings retired from the veterinary practice some time ago, but you may still see him from time to time puttering around and working on the landscape.

Today, new faces and a fresh approach to modern veterinary medicine are evident at the clinic. Our entire team, from the president of the corporation to the newest staff member has strong commitment to providing high quality veterinary care, excellent service, and pricing that is fair and affordable. We are committed to providing you with excellent value for the investment you make in your pet’s health and well being.


We are not exotic specialists, however we have a wide breadth of first opinion exotic experience.  Please call the practice to find out if we are able to accommodate your particular species, and we will book you an appointment with the best doctor for your pet.

Reptiles (lizards, snakes, and tortoises) should be brought in a small carrier or box with a heat pad or hot water bottle.

Birds should be brought in a small cage, ideally with one or two perches and minimal cage ‘furniture’ (bells, toys, mirrors, etc.).  Birds can get very anxious with handling and so we aim to minimize stress as much as possible during the visit.  Depending on your species and the issue, we may advise that you consult with an exotic specialist.

If you have anything other than a dog, please come through our “cat entrance” and we will direct you to an area where you can be away from other animals to reduce stress to your pet.

We look forward to meeting you and your furry (or feathered, or scaly) family!





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