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Some believe the origin of this phrase dates back to primeval times when 9 was a lucky numeral because it is the Trinity of Trinities. Since cats seem to be able to escape harm time and time again, this fortunate number seemed appropriate for cats.

Our small animal veterinarians will tell you that cats may be lucky but they still need regular visits to their animal vet.

Cats not only need regular protection from heart worms, fleas, ticks, and ear mites, they should also be tested for feline leukemia. This is especially important if you’re adopting a “stray kitten”.

Cats also need to be brushed regularly. This can help prevent excessive matting and reduce hairballs. If your cat does experience excessive matting, you can bring them to our veterinarian office to have them shaved.

Even though your cat has “9 lives” it still needs annual check-ups and lots of tender loving care.

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