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Spring is finally here; time to have your pet in for their annual heart worm test. Why should you have your dog or cat tested? Heart worm disease is passed on through mosquitoes, which can affect your dog whether it’s an indoor or outdoor pet. All it would take is one mosquito, one bite, for the larvae to infect your dog’s bloodstream, which would then migrate to the heart or blood vessel, leading to possibly serious consequences. No one wants to put their pet through heart work treatment.

It’s important to stay up-to-date with your pet’s health status, including current heart worm preventions. If your dog or cat is on heart worm prevention treatment 12 months a year, they should still receive an annual test. Why? You may have missed a dose, or your pet may have reacted badly to the medicine, and vomited or spit the treatment up. If your pet has contracted heart worm, is very important that they be treated as early as possible so as to prevent permanent heart and lung damage.

We do recommend heart worm prevention for cats but find that many cat owners rely on the medication Revolution which not only prevents heart worm but also ear mites and fleas.

As an informed pet owner you should now have your pet tested for heart worms before summer, and receive the proper prevention treatment. Keep your pets healthy and happy.